The 8 Best US Road Trips

Taking a road trip is one of the most iconic things you can do as an American. It's the open highway, a car with music, a cooler full of snacks in conversation about anything and everything.
The United States has so many road trips, from a straight shot across the desert to switchbacks through the mountains. You can look for any adventure and there's something for everyone. Here are the top eight seemed US road trips.

Best romantic road trip: Pacific Coast Hwy. California
Route: Highway one from Monterey to Morro Bay - 123 miles
If you want to get romantic with a partner there's nothing more gorgeous than the views of the Pacific coastline along the Pacific Coast Highway. It is the most romantic driving the United States. The road continues along California farms and cliff edged beaches, across high bridges and near groves of towering redwood trees. You can check out the Monterey Bay aquarium or enjoyed lunch at Carmel by the Sea. Don't forget the famous waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. You can also take a romantic sunset stroll at Big Sur. There are many Victorian bed-and-breakfasts where you can spend the night. Read 10 Wonderful US Motels
Runner-up: Charleston to Savannah, South Carolina

The 8 Best US Road Trips

Best road trip in the middle of nowhere: Marathon to Presidio Texas
Route: US Highway 385, FM - 179 160 miles
You will find no one along the long stretches of this two-lane road through Big Bend National Park. You will only find cactus and migratory birds. It is one of the most isolated of all the US national parks but it is most dramatic with desert, canyon and mountain landscapes. Make sure you take the detour for Santa Elena Canyon as it has 1500 foot drop offs. You can try lunch at the Starlight Theater in the historic Terlingua Ghost town.
Runner-up: Great Basin Scenic Highway, Nevada

Best thrill-seeking Road trip: the road to Hana Hawaii
Route: routes 36 and 360, from the town of Kahului to Hana and beyond - 68 miles
This could be the ride of your life. Maui can be tropical and dreamy with its rain forests and waterfalls but this trip is not for anyone faint of heart or weak of stomach. This is a winding narrow road with hundreds of curves and dozens of bridges. While you're there make sure to check out the Arboretum and the Upper Waikani Falls and Ka'eleku Caverns.
Runner-up: La Ruta Panoramica, Puerto Rico

Best wildlife road trip: Jackson to Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
Route: US 191 - 82 miles
Yellowstone is America's Serengeti. There are bison, elk, wolves, moose, bears and lots of bird species all in America's first national Park. It is the best place to view wildlife. Most likely you will see this wildlife from Jackson to the parks south entrance, and at Grand Teton and Jackson Lake.
Runner-up: Seward Highway Alaska

Best foodie road trip: Stowe to Rochester Vermont
Route: route 100 - 49 miles
You will find farms, breweries, wineries, creameries, gourmet shops and restaurants all along the rolling pastures of route 100. Make sure you take a leisurely drive through the pretty estate in New England along the North and South artery. You will find artisanal cheeses and can sip apple cider and buy maple syrup. Make sure to browse Weston's Vermont Country Store. You can also take a tour of Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Waterbury.
Runner-up: North Carolina Barbecue Society Historic Trail

Best US Road Trips

Best motorcycle road trip: Los Angeles California to Taos New Mexico
Route: Interstate 40 - 916 miles
This was the famous course that was in the movie Easy Rider. The stars Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda were headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras but you don't need to go that far. You can take a detour through Flagstaff Arizona and check out the Grand Canyon.
Runner-up: trail of Tears, Tennessee to Alabama

Best fall foliage Road trip: Lead Hill to Hot Springs Arkansas
Route: Arkansas State Highway 7 - 179 miles
New England is typically everyone's favorite for autumn colors but it can be typically congested during peak periods. Instead drive along Arkansas's first state designated scenic by way to the Ozark National Forest and you will find 42 different species of oak trees, hickory's, maples, beech and ash.
The variety of trees makes for unimaginable colors and there are great river valleys and hillsides to see them all. Check out lunch or dinner at the Cliff House Inn and restaurant, which overlooks Arkansas's version of the Grand Canyon in the town of Jasper. Read 7 Cheap Yet Amazing, Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in America
Runner-up: anywhere in New England

Best classic America road trip: Bear Tooth Hwy. Montana
Route: US Highway 212, from Red Lodge to Cook City Montana - 68 miles
This is a zigzag road with lots of switchbacks and views and steep climbs. It has not changed since the Civil War when Gen. Philip Sheridan let 120 men alongside the same route. The views are the same with the snow top Rocky Mountains, blue skies and passes through Custer National Forest, Shoshone national Forest and the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. It is been named the Most Beautiful Dr. in America and is open mid-May through mid October.
Runner-up: Pierre to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.