The Best Travel Apps In 2018

The Best Travel Apps In 2018

Airline apps
Even savvy travelers can make mistakes with airline apps. If you don't update it in the days before your trip its worthless and an older outdated app will not help you. Travelers also don't turn on or push notifications so it can't reach you.
It doesn't matter what airline you fly you always need to start with downloading the app of the actual carrier you're flying with at that time. Make sure to link your frequent flyer number and all your contact info. The international airline apps are downright useless but you might want to have one anyway.
You can use your phone to scan a boarding pass and most airline apps will send you updates on your check bags or changes in gates and delays in boarding. Often time an app can tell you when there's bad weather and flight is canceled. You can even possibly book yourself on a different flight and avoid the bad weather and storm areas.

This is one of the best travel apps and it's more than just a backup to an airline app. It is faster than most airlines with their notifications and gate changes and delays.
TripCase is a trip manager so you can link all your bookings hotels, car rentals with your flight.
If you are type A you will love this app, as it gives you the total travel time, indoor airport maps and even saves receipts all within the app.

This is mostly for an inner airline nerd as this app delivers real-time tracking of airport conditions and flights, which even includes private and charter planes.
If you were at JFK, it will bring up all departing and arriving flights with plain routes and even real-time updates.
You can track airport delays around the world and it is helpful if you're checking someone else's flight status or figuring out if their connection has arrived or left.

Dark Sky
This is a geolocation app, which is handy for a notification about where you physically are. You can also research the weather around the world, which is helpful in packing.
It does make some weather mistakes but it is a great weather app of choice as it predicts the weather for the hour so you can know whether you need to stay inside for a coffee or your day requires an umbrella.

Mobile Passport
International travel is great but going through customs and long lines is not. If you do not have Global Entry you will be herded into a long line and wait for a US customs agent. Oftentimes even if you do you still have to go to a kiosk and show your receipt to an agent.
With Mobile Passport you can fill out your flight information on your phone. You answer the usual customs questions and if you declare nothing you're typically issued an electronic receipt good for three hours.
Once you get off the plane there is a special line that's typically dedicated to diplomats and airline staff. The custom agent will check to see that your phone scans properly and asked to see your passport but the whole process is way faster than the other options.
The upside is that it's free and authorized by the US customs agency. The downside is that it's only in use at 24 airports but more locations will be coming soon
You need to make sure that you add your passport and personal information before you land. You can reuse your profile once set up will just have to update the flight numbers.

HotelTonight, and Trivago
Researching hotels is 1 great way to save money.
With HotelTonight you will get a list of hotels with a broad range of prices. There are even photos that gave you a picture of the place. You can find out whether dogs are acceptable and other descriptions.
You always want to check though with other apps such as and Trivago as then you will know whether your price is different and you can compare prices with the various apps. It's always worth shopping around.
Research is a good thing to do as cities can have big conventions and that makes for an increase demand on hotels. These three apps track high demand and alert you of drops and availability as well as drops in prices.
Sometimes it pays to book last minute.

Uber or?
Every city has its favorite car app. You might not know which car app is best in that particular city until you are in that town. Ask the concierge when you check in your hotel as there are many new-car apps coming on the market.

Currency Calculator
How much is that sweater? This app takes the guesswork out of a currency conversion.
Just remember the currency calculator won't stop you from spending too much on something.