Saving on Food in a Motel

Saving on Food in a Motel

Chances are that if you go on vacation, you don't plan to spend most of your memory making time at a restaurant. Travelling and staying in motels also doesn't mean that you have to spend all your time hunting for food at fast food joints or fancy tourist restaurants. A lot of rooms in motels have refrigerators, coffee makers, and some are even equipped with microwaves. If you really want to save you can prepare meals in your motel room for a week. This would cost you the same as 2-3 breakfasts. You will eat healthier food and save money for some other vacation activities.

Let's take a look at five money-saving tips:

Step 1
Visit the closest grocery store as soon as you check-in and get supplies to last for the length of your stay. Store perishables in the refrigerator or use a cooler if there is no refrigerator in the room. Every motel has ice machines, so use ice from there. Just make sure you don't forget about the cooler and replace ice periodically.

Step 2
You should always eat breakfast in your room. You will save both time and money by doing that. You can buy individual boxes of cereal, so all you have to do is pour milk and enjoy. Instant oatmeal can be mixed with hot milk from the microwave or hot water from the coffee maker. Eat whole fruit or buy cut up portions for convenience. Yogurt is great for breakfast and so are muffins that can be eaten right out of the box.

Step 3
Consider preparing lunch in advance and keep saving. You can make a sandwich from grocery bought refrigerated supplies: deli meats, cheese, bread, lettuce, and tomatoes. Mustard or mayo won't even get spoiled if not refrigerated for a day or two. You can also add some veggie sticks or bread sticks to complete your meal.

Step 4
You should definitely splurge on a fancy dinner while on vacation, just don't do it every night. Dining in your room is a great option. You can buy a pre-made bag of salad and enhance it with a nice piece of rotisserie chicken form deli. You are totally set if your motel has a microwave because you can cook pre-made dinner a time or two. You can always add some bread or veggies to top off your dinner.

Step 5
Finish the night with snacks and drinks in your room. Prepare a nice platter of cheeses and open a bottle of wine from the store. You can also have cookies and milk, lemonade, popcorn or chips and salsa with a movie. The nights-in like this will definitely make a nice traveling family bedtime.