Pet Friendly Family Accommodations

Hiring a pet sitter of boarding your pet in the kennel is not only expensive, but stressful too, so forget that and take your animal with you. Pet friendly motels are a great way to travel on a budget and all together.
Pet friendly motels are not likely a great destination for long stays, but they do come very handy on road trips. The same goes for long layovers, especially when you have your pet with you. Most of them are very basic, but offer a nice and clean place to rest and get a good night's sleep. Pet friendly motels are all along major US highways wherever you go. The best thing - most motels don't charge any extra cleaning fee when you visit with your pet.

Let's take a look at chain motels that are pet friendly:

Quality Inn & Suites
Pet Friendly Family Accommodations Quality Inn
This hotel belongs to the Choice Hotels International brand. There are 6,200 Choice hotels only in America, so you will find them everywhere. Since it's not a motel, you can count on many amenities like free internet and free hot breakfast. A few of their hotels received a coveted the Hotel of the Year recognition. This chain also has pet friendly motels. They are easy to reserve through Pet Hotels of America and often have great promotions.

Roadway Inn
Pet Friendly Family Accommodations Roadway Inn
This is another brand owned by Choice Hotels International. These hotels are very picky about location, so you will find them in the heart of the city or along very busy highways. The rooms are no thrills, but always rated as clean and welcoming. The motels are pet friendly and offer an affordable option for travelers with pets.

Motel 6
Pet Friendly Family Accommodations Motel 6
You will find Motel 6 everywhere you go. Many of them are pet friendly and located close to civilization, so you will be close to cafés and restaurants. This will enable you to rest, eat, and get back on the road without much distraction. You won't find hotel-like amenities here, but they do have TVs with HBO and beds.

Super 8
Pet Friendly Family Accommodations Super 8
This chain is known to have more amenities than its competitors. You will often find free Wi-Fi, heated pools, business centers, coffee makers, cable TVs, and laundry machines. This makes pet traveling quite luxurious.

Vagabond Inn
Pet Friendly Family Accommodations Vagabond Inn
Vagabond motels are ranking as clean and friendly, according to guest reviews. They are tucked away from the noise and easily accessible from the roads with plenty of parking. Beds are nice and locations are convenient. What more could you and your pets ask for?

Making Improvements
Motels today are heaven compared to motels of the past. Most modern ones don't differ much from hotels. You won't have all bells and whistles, but you won't have to pay as much either. Low-end hotels will cost you about $89 per night, which is a lot more than a nice pet friendly motel. Make sure you plan ahead and find the best deals while booking motels for your trip.
All pet friendly motels have their own rules. Some will take only dogs, while others will allow cats too. Some of them have a limit on dog's weight. Some places will ask for a deposit, others won't. In some of them you will be able to leave your dog alone, but not in all. Some chains have a few motels that accept pets, but don't assume that all of them do. Make sure you read the fine print or call if you have any questions. You can also check Vacation Pet Friendly for lists of motels and their policies. If you don't want to book ahead, at least become familiar with pet friendly places along the route you will be taking.