8 Great Tips for Choosing a Motel

8 Great Tips for Choosing a Motel

1. Independent.
Skip all the motel chains. Get a better rate at independently owned and operated motel. Typically they are $10-$25 less per night. The reason is they don't have national branding advertising and marketing campaigns.

2. Traffic
Always check for a parking lot that is full after 8 PM. People should be out to dinner so if there are too many cars you may be at a motel that is too loud. On the flipside if there are too few cars, there might be bad issues at the property. Sometimes however there are various discounts when there are a certain number of rooms booked to find a place that has a normal amount of people.

3. Traffic part two
Look for out-of-state license plates on vehicles along with local state plates. You always want to see both travelers and locals and you know it is a good motel.

4. Traffic part three
If you find a motel that has nothing but contractor trucks such as cable installers and construction workers you will be in a rowdy motel. This is especially true on the weekends but during the week they usually have to work the next day.

5. People traffic
If there are too many people hanging outside with open doors on the balconies of this motel you will want to move on. They can either be long-term residents or even a wedding party and you don't want to stay there.

6. General property condition
If it's at night you will have a hard time seeing the condition of the buildings and the landscaping. Make sure you find a motel with decent lighting as a lit parking lot can tell you how the building is maintained. The exterior though doesn't always mean the interior is nice.

7. Office cleanliness
Check out the office and if it is claimed that is a good sign. It typically means the rooms are also clean and in good condition.

8. Check out the room
You can always request to see a room that you would stay in. Check the linens and bathroom carpets. Check for dirty pillowcases and if the room smells smoky or like pets, you can always pass.
Staying in a motel can help you save on dining costs, as typically there are mini refrigerators, microwaves and coffeemakers in every room. Look for motels with flat screen TVs and nice pillows. Independent motels are much more likely to negotiate a rate and typically have free Wi-Fi and free parking.