7 Cheap Yet Amazing, Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in America

#7 Wall Drug
Located off the I-90 in Wall, South Dakota, is an infamous 1930s drug store named Wall Drug. However, Wall Drug is much more than a 'drug store' as it has evolved into an all-day restaurant and full fledged roadside attraction. Road trip visitors can stop by and purchase coffee for $0.05, doughnuts for $1.49, ice cream for $3.09, fruit pie for $3.99, and the fan favorite 1/3 pound buffalo burger for $8.49. Talk major money savings. Over two million people visit Wall Drug every year to hand out in their backyard area and collect souvenirs.

#6 Neon Pig
Cheap Yet Amazing, Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in America Neon Pig
Neon Pig is a foodie haven in Tupelo, Mississippi. Neon pig is a funky cafe who won Thrillist's 'best burger in the nation' during 2015! Its 'Smashburger' has also been featured on cable's Travel Channel only driving up its visitor count. The delectable Smashburger consists of an aged sirloin filet, ribeye, and thick slices of bacon, all of whom are locally sourced from surround garms in the area. Plus, Neon Pig cures its bacon in house, yum! The Smashburger is finished off with cheddar cheese, pickled onions, quick pickles, and a dollop of hoisin on a ciabatta bun. As if this burger couldn't get any better, it only costs $10! We also recommend checking out the Neon Pig's Sweet Grass Dairy Grilled Cheese or the Pork Belly Buns, each only $7!

#5 FLX Wienery
Located in Finger Lakes, New York is the delightful FLX Wienery! While the FLX Wienery is wonderful itself, inside is a casual yet delicious hot dog joint that is truly the real gem. This hot dog restaurant was opened by a Master Sommelier, Christopher Bates, who prides himself in creating high end but low brow food. The joint serves mouth-watering house-made brots, italian sausages, chorizo, hand ground burgers, and french fries. Hot dog prices start at $2.95 and rise up to $7.95 which will get you the coveted 'State Fair Dog' made with hot peppers, American cheese, onions, and smoked ketchup. A bag of fries will cost you only $3.95. Guests are welcome to bring their own bottle of wine or pick one from the joint's large selection of craft beer and wine. The restaurant only has outdoor bench seating and is extremely dog friendly.

#4 Wallace Station
Wallace Station
Wallace Station located in Versailles, Kentucky is a whiskey lovers delight! You will find Wallace Station along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a network of 13 distilleries dating back to the 1800s. Wallace Station is listed as a Historic restaurant on the National Register and is worth the visit. Recognized for its homestyle Southern food, Wallace Station offers fried chicken, homemade biscuits, and meatloaf using local ingredients whenever possible. Each dish is under $11.99 and comes with two seasonal sides. We recommend the Country Ham and Pimento Cheese Sandwich for $8.99 which features homemade white cheddar pimento cheese and thinly sliced ham.

#3 Splash Cafe
Located in Pismo Beach, California is the beloved Splash Cafe. Known as the 'clam capital of the world', Splash Cafe opened in 1989 and serves as a retro landmark for many. Selling over 30,000 gallons of clam chowder annually, it is safe it say Splash Cafe is a well known spot, so expect longer lines when you visit. A bread bowl full of fresh clam chowder will only cost you $7.95 and if you opt for no bread it will be priced at $4.95. Eater LA named Splash Cafe one of their top 16 'Road Trip Worthy' restaurants.

#2 Snow's BBQ
Cheap Yet Amazing, Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in America BBQ
Located in Lexington, Texas is 2017's No.1 of the State's top 50 BBQ joints, Snow's BBQ. Snow's BBQ is a small restaurant found among ranch land and beautiful pastures about 75 miles east from Austin. Known for serving up the finest fire cooked brisket, Snow's BBQ sets itself apart by its pitmasters' sheer skill and experience. Snow's serves up its meat by the pound like its brisket turkey breast for $12.95 or pork ribs for $11.95. Keep in mind that Snow's BBQ is only open on Saturday's from 8a.m. until they run out of food to sell. It is extremely common for people to camp out up to three hours before Snow's opens! Plan accordingly.

#1 Frank's Diner
Located in Kenosha, Wisconsin is the historical Frank's Diner. Frank's is a retro diner that several tourists eat at when visiting Lake Michigan. Operating out of an old railway car, Frank's Diner is over 90 years old and worth your visit. The diner itself offers a handful of counter stools along with dining room booth seating, so be prepared to get cozy. Frank's Diner has been featured in 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives' along with hosting several celebrity sightings like Liberace and the Duke of Ellington.