7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out

There are ways you can cut a restaurant or bar tab.

It may be a favorite restaurant or a fast food joint but eating out can wreak havoc with your budget. The average American spends on average $936 just on lunch every year according to a 2013 survey. What's even more is that dinner at a restaurant is twice as expensive as that cost because you have to factor in drinks and dessert.
It can be very hard to stay within a budget especially if you dine out so use some of the smart phone apps that can help you get better deals on the next meal. You will also discover new places and find restaurant specials.

1. DealNews
7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out DealNews
Some of the best deals with restaurants or breweries or cafés, with a new app called DealNews app. It is very easy to use and you can find great deals for the day as other experts have made sure that there are no expired coupons or fake alerts. You can use the Editor's Choice feature if you want some new ideas of restaurants to choose from.

2. Scoutmob
If you live in a big city this app will help you find great restaurant deals. What is different about this site is that it's put together by a team that actually is on the ground. They are scouting for restaurant recommendations that might take you to a new hotspot or off the beaten path. This app is free and updated often.

3. Groupon
7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out Groupon
Once you want to get out of your comfort zone he might want to download the Groupon app. This can help find deep discounts on meals and even package deals that come with dinner and drinks. These are local specials where you'll get an extra discount just by being a local. If for some reason you don't have time to use the Groupon by the time it expires you can use the amount you paid toward your future purchase.

4. Yelp
7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out Yelp
This is one of the best-unbiased review sites but also helps you find great deals. You need to look for the small green price tag next to the business name and that will help you find available deals. The discounts usually are a certain dollar amount off or a free appetizer or dessert. This app helps you see the ratings and reviews of the most popular dining hotspots in town.

5. LivingSocial
7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out LivingSocial
This app presents you with restaurants cafés and eateries that offer deep discounts on their latest menu. If you are traveling you can search for deals in multiple cities. Just note the fine print, as there are deal expiration dates. Oftentimes restaurants limit the deal to dine in only.

6. BiteHunter
7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out BiteHunter
This site offers a comprehensive list of deals from dozens of sources and actually uses real-time. You can find happy hour specials to brunch in your own neighborhood. There is a unique feature called the BiteBuy function and you can make your purchases without having to enter your billing information every time. You can use filters to narrow down choices by cuisine or location.

7. Restaurant.com
7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out Restaurant.com
This app allows you to use your smart phone or tablet to purchase restaurant deals. There are no coupons and vouchers to print out. It is exclusively accessed by mobile devices. It has built-in mapping and directions that help you locate your new dining venue.