Affordable Motel Chains

Taking a road trip across the US will offer you many spectacular places and sights to take in. Roads will lead you passed big cities and countryside near breathtaking natural monuments. There are few so well developed places with so much natural wonder in the world, so definitely take advantage of that.
Traveling is never cheap, especially long trips. Renting a car, paying for gas and accommodation will add up. These are just basics without counting food and entertainment along the way.
Staying at motels versus hotels can really help you save while traveling. You will have comfy beds and clean surroundings for your weary body.
We would like to help you find cheap motel chains with great price and satisfying comfort.
Some travelers might be tempted to save money and forgo motel stays all together. Sure, there are some completely cheap options, like hostels, camping, or sofa-swap. You might not need to sleep in motels every night, but when you want to be comfortable, but don't have a cheaper option, motels are great.
Sleeping in a car is quite popular with those travelling on an extremely tight budget, but it is not encouraged. You won't get any decent rest, spend a night cramped, and will get very tired of it after a couple of nights. It is illegal in some areas, not to mention dangerous.
After you explore all your options, you will most likely come to the conclusion that motels are your best options. They are affordable, easy to find, and comfortable.
There are many motels in the US. Some are chains and some are independently owned. We will focus on cheap motels that come with basic expected amenities you will appreciate.

Motel 6
Affordable Motel Chains Motel 6
This chain is very popular and strives to provide standard comforts for their guests. Since 2008 the chain has been undergoing renovations to update their rooms and make them more functional and stylish. Another purpose of renovations is to become more energy efficient and less costly to maintain, resulting in guest savings too.
To keep the prices as low as possible, you won't get free internet or little shampoo bottles in the shower. Breakfast is also not available, but you can get free morning coffee.
Motel 6 is really not fancy, but there is one advantage you won't get everywhere - most of them are pet friendly, so you can rest with your animal at no extra cost.

Super 8
Affordable Motel Chains Super 8
This is another popular chain of motels. There are more than 2000 Super 8 locations, but most of them are located in the US. It belongs to Wyndham Worldwide.
The prices are low here too, but you will get a bit more than at Motel 6. Free internet is included and you will also get free continental breakfast. If you can pay just a bit more, choose Super 8 and save time and money on breakfast.

Microtel Inn & Suites
Affordable Motel Chains Microtel Inn & Suites
This hotel chain also belongs to Wyndham brand. The hotel is constantly ranked very highly and offers a great option for travelers. While it's a hotel, it is very affordable with many amenities. Despite that, the chain is still considered low budget option. You will pay just a bit more than at Motel 8, but you will get an upscale and more comfortable feeling. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Red Roof Inn
Affordable Motel Chains Red Roof Inn
As the name suggests, the chain's hotels and motels feature distinct red roofs. There are about 500 of them all over the country, but the biggest concentration is in Southern and Eastern states. This motel is pet friendly, so a great option for travelers with four legged companions.

Econo Lodge
Affordable Motel Chains Econo Lodge
One more great option for frugal travelers is Econo Lodge. It has almost 1000 locations in US. Most of them are located close to major highways and state roads. This chain offers a bit more bang for your money and includes free breakfast. This will save you time and will provide energy to last for the biggest part of the day on the road or a day spent exploring.