The Best Travel Apps In 2018

The Best Travel Apps In 2018
Even savvy travelers can make mistakes with airline apps. If you don't update it in the days before your trip its worthless and an older outdated app will not help you. Travelers also don't turn on or push notifications so it can't reach you.
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10 Wonderful US Motels

10 Wonderful US Motels Saguaro Palm Springs
If you think you knew a lot about American motels, think again. And forget the old-style ones. There is a whole new breed of them being built and renovated nowadays. The new motels are colorful, retro-designed, with pool inflatables, and views that are Instagram fitting and located all over the country. Read More

Hotels vs. Motels

Hotels vs. Motels
As more and more people get on a road to find perfect vacation, more and more hotels and motels get built to accommodate all the weary travelers. The options for places to spend a night are virtually endless - hotels, motels, beds-and-breakfasts, campgrounds, cabins, and more. Read More

Saving on Food in a Motel

Saving on Food in a Motel
Chances are that if you go on vacation, you don't plan to spend most of your memory making time at a restaurant. Travelling and staying in motels also doesn't mean that you have to spend all your time hunting for food at fast food joints or fancy tourist restaurants. A lot of rooms in motels have refrigerators, coffee makers, and some are even equipped with microwaves. Read More

Affordable Motel Chains

Affordable Motel Chains Motel 6
Taking a road trip across the US will offer you many spectacular places and sights to take in. Roads will lead you passed big cities and countryside near breathtaking natural monuments. There are few so well developed places with so much natural wonder in the world, so definitely take advantage of that. Read More

Pet Friendly Family Accommodations

Pet Friendly Family Accommodations Quality Inn
Hiring a pet sitter of boarding your pet in the kennel is not only expensive, but stressful too, so forget that and take your animal with you. Pet friendly motels are a great way to travel on a budget and all together.
Pet friendly motels are not likely a great destination for long stays, but... Read More

8 Great Tips for Choosing a Motel

8 Great Tips for Choosing a Motel
1. Independent.
Skip all the motel chains. Get a better rate at independently owned and operated motel. Typically they are $10-$25 less per night. The reason is they don't have national branding advertising and marketing campaigns.
2. Traffic
Always check for a parking lot that is full after 8 PM. Read More

Best Places To Stay In Wildwood, NJ

Best Places To Stay In Wildwood Key West Hotel
Planning your trip to any destination it is important to choose the accommodation that is both comfortable and affordable. Wildwood offers a great selection of accommodation options to choose from during your trip to the area. From hotels, motels and private homes, there is something for every taste and every wallet. When looking for a comfortable room to stay in Wildwood here are the options to consider. Read More

Hotwire, HotelTonight and Other Great Ways to Save on Travel

9 Insider Tips for Affordable Travel
Maximize your travel savings by following the 9 insider tips listed below:

#9 Utilize Hotel Freebies
Hotel stays can actually save you money! For example, rather than purchasing the $5 bottled water in your room, grab a complimentary bottle from the hotel gym. Or take advantage of the free coffee, tea, and possibly even wine in the hotel lobby. Read More

The 8 Best US Road Trips

The 8 Best US Road Trips
Taking a road trip is one of the most iconic things you can do as an American. It's the open highway, a car with music, a cooler full of snacks in conversation about anything and everything. Read More

7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out

7 Apps to Save Money on Dining Out DealNews
There are ways you can cut a restaurant or bar tab.
It may be a favorite restaurant or a fast food joint but eating out can wreak havoc with your budget. The average American spends on average $936 just on lunch every year according to a 2013 survey. Read more

7 Cheap Yet Amazing, Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in America

Cheap Yet Amazing, Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in America Neon Pig
#7 Wall Drug
Located off the I-90 in Wall, South Dakota, is an infamous 1930s drug store named Wall Drug. However, Wall Drug is much more than a 'drug store' as it has evolved into an all-day restaurant and full fledged roadside attraction. Read More